- data analytics, process analytics, automod discrete event simulations, custom software developments and consulting in intralogistics and healthcare

Analysis, conceptual design and performance evaluation
of business operations, processes and industrial facilities,

data analytics, process analytics, discrete event simulations
and custom software developments

in the fields of:
intralogistics and healthcare.

ProAspect is an independent consulting office, founded in the year 2006, located at Munich / Germany and specialized in using data analytics, process analytics and simulation analytics, to balance and optimize your business processes and operations in the fields of intralogistics and healthcare.

Our goal is to help our customers to sustainably improve their competitiveness and effectively increase their productivity.

ProAspect uses data analysis, process analysis and discrete event simulation DES as a methodology of operations research OR, to analyze facilities, business operations, flows of goods, materialflows and flows of people.
ProAspect predicts and balances these system behaviors in different scenarios under different operating conditions and helps ProAspect customers during a following step, to align these system behaviors with customers' operational goals.

For modeling, simulation and optimization of processes and material handling equipments we use AutoMod® discrete event simulation software.

We offer our services in Central Europe as well as in Northern America.

ProAspect supports you:
  • during the conceptual design, planning and validation of logistic operations and strategies for newly planned plants and business processes;
  • in developing solutions and measures, which increase the effectiveness of existing plants and business operations significantly;
  • with process analysis, data analysis and AutoMod® simulation models for better transparency in process operations and for secured decisions.
  • with AutoMod®:
    • simulation models as turn-key solutions ready for simulation analyses and 3d-animations, on demand including front-ends and back-ends as interfaces for your data preparation, data visualization and data analysis;
    • model building expertise supporting your inhouse simulation team and project.
  • with custom software developments for data analysis, for the planning process and for business operations.

Meaning of ProAspect:
The term ProAspect reflects looking at Processes from different points of view and under different Aspects.

Projects: A selection of projects carried out during the past years, based on a workload between 2 man-weeks and 8 man-months. Feel free, to contact us for references.

Plant engineering:
  • Warehousing and distribution in food & beverages:
    Simulation studies i.a. in France with the objective of validating and balancing throughputs and truck assembly times of warehouse systems, material handling systems and distribution systems for newly planned systems as well as for redesigns / reengineering of existing systems.

    Semi-automated systems in material handling, warehousing and distribution often contain:
    • multiple automated storage and retrieval systems ASRS, multi-aisles, single deep, double or multiple deep storage cells, with some 20.000 to 30.000 storage locations for pallets and totes;
    • pick up and drop off zones in front of these ASRS systems;
    • palettizing / depalletizing areas;
    • order picking areas;
    • receiving and shipping areas for truck unloading / loading;
    • forklift fleets, interconnecting conveyor systems, overhead monorail or automated guided vehicle AGV systems with lengths of several hundred meters or lengths up to 1 to 2 km.

    The challenges are balancing of these individual system areas, reducing congestions and maximizing of the overall system performance (throughput, order assembly times, ...) under different operational conditions and constraints. These constraints are manifold, influencing throughput performance, lead times and amount of work in progress WIP. To name just a few:
    • there are constraints in inventory management with regard to product attributes, stock keeping units SKU, due dates, storage locations, shuffling;
    • there are priorities and sequencing constraints in ASRS retrievals, in order picking, in palletizing, in truck assembly;
    • between process steps there are time limits in transportation, empty vehicles need to be routed in monorail systems and need to be recharged in AGV systems;
    • there are various induction strategies on sorter and sortation systems, ...

  • Industrial Patisserie, Italy:
    Simulation based conceptional design and validation of a production and transport system for a new plant, producing chocolate wafers.
  • Chemical Industry:
    Simulation based performance analysis of an automated storage and order picking area of synthetic fiber products;
  • Simulation based analysis and assessments of manufacturing lines in the fields of electric and electronic illuminants:
    • manufacturing line of car headlights with regard to buffer sizes and activities to increase the overall system availability
    • alternative handling-solutions and test-solutions within the manufacturing process of LEDs;
  • Engineering of custom machines and handling equipments for clean room environments in semiconductor industry:
    Simulation based analyses and assessment of various quality control machine concepts for wafers, waferhandlers and sizes of wafer cassettes.
  • Software development for data collection, data analysis and asset visualization in the field of real time asset tracking, based on 1 GHz RFID Tags, BC Canada.
  • Hospitals:
    • software development for probabilistic scheduling of inbound patients and ongoing support of the users during their operational planning intervals.
    • simulation based resource planning (rooms, human resources, assets) of newly planned operating rooms according to different intensities of patient flows and cases
    • simulation study within the scope of validating and optimizing an automated guided vehicle system agv, responsible for the internal logistic supply of a hospital;
    • data analysis of cases, casemix, diagnosis-related groups DRGs and length of stay LOS.
  • Outpatient procedure center OPC or ambulatory surgery center ASC:
    • simulation based planning, validation and balancing of processes, patient flows, human resources and assets for a newly planned OPC
    • competitive analysis for an OPC;
    • data analysis of cases, casemix and DRGs.
Pharmaceutical industry and medical engineering:
Development of simulation models as decision support tools for assessing lean concepts within the manufacturing processes of:
  • Medicines and
  • Dental products.
Crude oil processing, refining:
  • Simulation based analysis and assessment of concepts for the rail loading of petroleum distillates;
  • Software development for data analysis serving as a basis for developing improved production schedules.
Simulation projects in the field of transport logistics:
  • Airport Brussels, Belgium: analysis of passenger flows and transfer times related to structural changes in the airport building;
  • Airport Munich: analysis of the baggage handling system with regard to buffer selection, buffer sizes and transport times.
Simulation projects for automotive suppliers:
  • Automotive supplier, Belgium:
    analysis and balancing of an automated guided vehicle AGV system within an motor assembly line with regard to the cycle times of the individual assembly stations;
  • Analysis and balancing of an kanban assembly line with regard to line throughput, frequency of supply shortages, routing and timetables of tugger supply trains, buffer sizes, replenishment levels and quantities.
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